Bank on Ultra-Bandwidth and Ultra-Security with Wilcon

What is arguably the most important aspect of operating a successful financial institution? You can bet security tops the list. Wilcon is proud to serve one of our country’s largest banks. Keeping in mind that security is key, we’ve constructed a private network for them, connecting many of their locations and key data center environments... [more]

Increasing Competitive Advantages for Our Channel Partners

Our Channel Partner Program has always been a big focus, but we’ve recently put even more resources behind it to ensure our agents have the tools they need to be competitive. Recently, we announced the appointment of Rex Lehman to Channel Sales Director. Rex’s channel experience and industry knowledge will help make our Channel Program... [more]

Move Your Media & Entertainment Company Forward with Fiber

With our roots in Los Angeles, we’re proud to be a top provider of best-in-class, high capacity telecom infrastructure for leading media & entertainment companies based here in the world’s entertainment capital. One of those companies is Los Angeles Center Studios, which provides full service for film, TV and commercial production operations – everything from... [more]

Don’t Flat Line! Wilcon Helps Healthcare Organizations Keep Pace With New Technologies

In today’s world, healthcare stands to be one of the fastest-growing industries, pushing healthcare executives to incorporate many of the ongoing advances, as well as addressing the challenges that come along with them. These advancements and new technologies affect many areas of the healthcare industry including: Telemedicine Medical and diagnostic imaging Advanced Storage Options Picture... [more]

Colocation Isn’t Cookie-Cutter: Cool Down this Summer!

Maybe we don’t exactly experience the “dog days of summer” in L.A., but the team here at Wilcon definitely understands how much heat data centers can produce. We also know how important it is to keep your equipment running at its highest efficiency, and a big part of that is maintaining proper temperatures and humidity... [more]

Colocation Isn’t Cookie-Cutter: Check Security Standards

Maybe you’ve considered so many colocation facilities that they’re all starting to blend together. Or maybe you’re just starting down the colo path and don’t yet have all the details about how it compares with an on-premise/dedicated solution. We’re here to tell you that colocation isn’t cookie-cutter — far from it, in fact. One of... [more]

Rapid Connect: Power your Business and Scale as Your Company Grows

Establish network infrastructure in record time with Wilcon’s new Rapid Connect service. Our recently launched Rapid Connect service was designed to meet the increasing demand we are seeing from carriers, service providers and cloud startups that need a fast, scalable way to jumpstart operations on the U.S. West Coast. If you need reliable, cost-effective space,... [more]

Talk Data Centers, Fiber Networks & More with Wilcon at ITW

The one, the only, the biggest industry event of the year bringing together nearly 2,000 companies — that’s right, we’re talking ITW. Spring simply isn’t complete without this iconic conference. During such a pivotal and exciting time for Wilcon, we wouldn’t think of missing this show. Wilcon executives are busy preparing for four days of... [more]

How Higher Education Benefits from Dark Fiber

Businesses and establishments of all shapes and sizes require communications options that will keep them on the cutting edge of information technology. Colleges and universities in particular require connectivity solutions for student/professor engagement, e-learning and research and development. So, what’s the key for building out a secure and reliable network? Dark fiber. Surprised? Let us... [more]

Spring into Channel Partners 2017 with Wilcon!

Ah, April – no better time to spring into action and attend one of the biggest shows of the year for channel-centric participants. That’s why we’re thrilled to be attending Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2017, April 10-13 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the event that is... [more]